Sanjay Gandhi National Park Tickets – (Tickets, Entry Fees,Timming, Information )

In this article we will  explain you to how to get tickets for visiting Sanjay Gandhi National park. We will show You different kind of tickets /  entry fees ou can buy and how much they cost . Planning you trip to this beautiful park in a easier way.

  •  Address :-  Boriwali,Mumbai  Maharashtra.
  • Contact number :-022 2886 0362 / 022-28860389
  • Nearest international airport:- CSMT
  • Nearest international Railway station:- Boriwali
  • Official website :- visit

Sanjay Gandhi National Park Tickets , Entry fees , Timming.

1. Entry fee of Sanjay Gandhi National park

The below fees are only for Entry of Sanjay Gandhi National park. Lots of any other charges and fees also we should be pay when visit this park.

  • For adults (12 years and above).    Rs 85
  • For children (12 years and below)  Rs 45

There is one shuttle service available between kanheri caves to Sanjay Gandhi National park of cost of only  Rs 10.

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2. Parking charges in Sanjay Gandhi National park

In this park we should pay extra parking charges of our own  vehicle. The charges are

  • Motor cycle parking – Rs 61
  • LMV( car , jeef, tempo) – Rs 242
  • Bicycle parking – Rs 33

3.Tickets inside Sanjay Gandhi National park

Sanjay Gandhi National park Tickets
Sanjay Gandhi National park Tickets

(i) Cycling

In Sanjay Gandhi National park we can purchase bicycle on rent . This cycle shop available near main gate of park.

  • Rent of bicycle for 2 hours — Rs 80 after 2 hours each 30 min they charge Rs 20
  • For deposite they should charge of Rs 300 (compulsory).
  • Before purchase cycle on rent always carry out indentation Documents.(aadhar card)
  • Time open in morning 7.30 close at evening 4.30.
  • Monday close

Pro tip 

  • In park there are not a lots of cycles available hence should try to go early and purches cycle.

(ii) Boating

Water lovers are enjoy in this park with Boating. Tickets of the boating activities directly purches from the main ticket counter or online.

  • Two seater boat Rs 85 (15 min )
  • Four seater boat Rs 173 (15 min)
  • Tickets are compulsory for 5 years and above children.
  • Timming:- 0900- 1730
  • Lunch time :- 1230- 1330
  • Close on every Monday.

(iii) Mini train ride

In Sanjay Gandhi National park there is one train ride available who covers the outer parameters of the park . Its name is Van Rani . we can purchase ticket online also.

  • Ticket price of this ride for adults  Rs 45 and for child Rs 17.
  • Each ride takes half hours ( 30 min)
  • First ride start from 0900 Am and last 1700 hrs .
  • Minimum 20 passengers available to  start each ride for this train .

(iv) Kanheri caves

Main attraction of the Sanjay Gandhi National park is 2000 years old Buddhist cave.All can reach there by Self drive , walking , cycling and also have a Bus.

  • Bus ticket from main entrance to kanheri caves is only Rs 60.

(v) Tiger and lion safari at Sanjay Gandhi National park

When we visit this park one of the best thing to go and watch safari of tiger and lion. Its very terrible experience for animal lovers.

  • Ticket of safari is RS 70 for adults and Rs 28 for child.
  • Open between morning 9.30 to evening 4.30 .
  • Close for Lunch between 1200- 1330 hrs .
  • For this ride minimum 15 people are required at a time .
  • You can book tickets Online.

Timming of Sanjay Gandhi National Park

  • Monday     👉  Close
  • Tuesday    👉 7.30 am – 6.30 pm
  • Wednesday 👉 7.30 am – 6.30 pm
  • Thursday   👉 7.30 am – 6.30 pm
  • Friday        👉7.30 am – 6.30 pm
  • Saturday    👉 7.30 am – 6.30 pm
  • Sunday       👉 7.30 am – 6.30 pm

Sanjay Gandhi National park information

Sanjay Gandhi National park is located in mumbai, Maharashtra .Established in 1969.

  • Sanjay Gandi National Park holds the title of most visited park in Asia.
  • This park covers an area of 103 square kilometers, or 20% of Mumbai.
  • There are 300+ different bird species in this park. 150 species of reptiles, 50 types of animals, and 300 types of butterflies.
  • In this park we can see 1300++ varieties of plants.

Things to visit in Sanjay Gandhi National park

  1. Butterfly garden
  2. Kanheri caves
  3. Boating
  4. Safari of lion , Tiger
  5. Everyday morning walk (monthly passes also available for morning Walker’s)
  6. Boating
  7. Cycling
  8. Train (Van Rani )
  9. Cat orientation centre
  10. Birding
  11. Nature camp
  12. Night camping
  13. Jungle camp
  14. Gandhi Tekdi
  15. Animal hospital
  16. Garden of fragrance
  17. Malad Trails
  18. Shilonda trails
  19. Bamboo Huts trails
  20. Cactus garden
  21. Vihar Lake
  22. Tulsi lake
  23. Chota kashmir
  24. Waterfall

How to reach sanjay Gandhi National park

  • Nearest Railway Station —– Boriwali(in Western line )
  • Nearest International airport —-CSMT
  • From railway station there are lots of auto available for main gate of Sanjay Gandhi park .
  • From railway station there are also available city bus for main entrance of park
  • Direct Uber / ola also available any place of city to Sanjay Gandhi National park entrance.

Best time to visit

Rainy months from mid-July to mid-October are when dense trees in the forest look their best, giving the entire forest a rich green appearance. So now is an excellent time to go to the park. The best time to visit Sanjay Gandhi National Park is during the winter months, from October to January, if visitors do not like to go outside in the rain.

The temperature is ideal for enjoying outdoor activities like hiking and camping because it is between 18 and 20 degrees. Mumbai’s summer months, from February to April, are extremely hot and should be avoided if possible.








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