Pola festival in Maharashtra


A unique celebration known as “Pola” takes place in the center of Maharashtra. It’s not your typical party; the focus is on giving thanks to some unsung agricultural heroes: the Bullocks. The history of farming in Maharashtra has a long history in this ancient culture. Let’s examine the meaning of the Pola celebration, its traditions, and the expression of respect they stand for.

Complete Guide About Bail Pola

Bullock picture( Pola Festival)
Pola festival Decoration
  • Why Pola Festival Is Important

The Pola celebration, which marks the beginning of the planting season, often takes place in the month of Shravan (July or August or September). Farmers use this occasion to express their gratitude for the loyal bullocks who assist in clearing fields and preparing the ground for planting. The Pola event serves as a reminder that these animals are important to farming.

Pola festival
Pola Festival

In our village first off all we ( farmers)  all gathered and make plan to how to celebrate Pola festival, in this meeting we decide the timing of Parade . Then morning we all bath our Bullock then we decorate our Bullock with Ballons and paints and many other things. At decided time all village to march with Bullock(bails) towards temple after completion of March Bullock arrives at home and they eat various types of food like Puran poli,ladoos.

  • 14 September is the date to celebrate Pola in whole maharastra.special in Khandesh(Jalgaon Dhule Nandurbar Nashik) not only in village but also celebrate in cities also . But in cities the Bullock i.e. (Bail) not available so they not celebrate this festival.
  • Most off school and college of Maharashtra declared holiday on the occasion of Pola.

Traditions and customs of Pola:

Bullock Dressing  :-

On the day of Pola, farmers get up early to wash and dress their bullocks. They decorate themselves with bright decorations like garlands and bells, and on occasion they even mark themselves with a little red mark as a blessing.

Food :

No event would be complete without delicious cuisine! To share with everyone, families and neighbors prepare special foods like Puran Poli, Bhakri, and desserts like Jaggery and Sesame Ladoos.

Prayers and Gifts:

A particular prayer is said in certain houses to ask for blessings for the bullocks and a good harvest. Grain, fruit, and other farm products are also given as gifts by farmers.


Bullock parade
Bullock parade in Pola

During Pola, there are parades in several locations in Maharashtra. With music and dance, farmers proudly march their decorated bullocks around the streets. It’s a happy occasion that connects people.

Building Bonds:

Pola is about friendships as much as traditions. Farmers can get together, share stories, and feel like a large farming family during this time.


In simple word, Maharashtra’s Pola festival is an occasion to honor and give thanks to the devoted bullocks who assist farmers with their hard work. It’s a way for people to express their gratitude for these animals and acknowledge their significant contribution to farming. The celebration unites localities and serves as a reminder of how closely humans and environment have a connection, particularly in the context of agriculture.

Similar festival in other states:-

While the Pola celebration is unique to Maharashtra in India, similar festivities that celebrate animals and show appreciation for their contribution to agriculture are observed in other states. Here are a few examples:

Kanu Pongal (Tamil Nadu):

The festival of Kanu Pongal is observed in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu as a way of showing thanks to animals, particularly birds. Women and children feed birds on this day and pray for the safety of their brothers. It serves as a show of gratitude for the environment and the creatures who share it with us.

Maatu Pongal (Karnataka):

To honor cattle, a similar holiday known as Maatu Pongal is observed in the adjacent state of Karnataka. To acknowledge their importance in agricultural and daily life, cows and bulls are bathed, decorated, and given special gifts.

Bhogali Bihu (Assam):

In January, Assam celebrates Bhogali Bihu, also referred to as Magh Bihu. The harvest season has come to a close. Lighting bonfires is one of its main customs, and in some places, the community’s animals are given extra attention. Cattle are honored for their contribution to agriculture by being bathed, decorated, and given special gifts.


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