06 Best National Park in India

In 2023 there are total 106 National Park in India, some are larger and some are smaller. These parks are  popular with animal loves , and offer a diverse variety of fauna lovers .In this article we discuss about the 06 Best National Park in India.

Facts About 06 Best National Park in India to Visit

1.Kaziranga National Park

Best national park -Kaziranga
Best national park in india -Kaziranga
  • Address:- Golaghat, Nagaon and Sonitpur districts of Assam 
  • Pin :- 785609
  • Nearest international airport:- Rowriah Airport
  • Nearest railway station:- Furkating Junction

In the state of Assam’s Kaziranga National Park is one of India’s most important for  wildlife sanctuary located.

Some Important Points:–

  1. Kaziranga National Park in Assam, India, has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  2. In this National park lots of number of Bengal Tige s are live.Park is another Home for the Tigers.           In 2005 this National Park is  reserve for Tigers.
  3. This park is located near Bramhaputra river . This river maintain Balance and support Rich wildlife of this park.
  4. In this Park we see lots of Animals  like One – horned indian rhinoceros, Bengal Tigers, Asian Elephants, Wild Water Buffalo, Swamp Deer, Leopard, wild boar and so many …Birds like Great Indian hornbill,Indian Roller, Duck, Spot bill pelican, Bar headed Goose, Eagle and so many .

Important for Visitors:-

Kaziranga national park- jeef safari
Kaziranga national park- jeef safari
  • This Park close from 1May to 31October. Try to not go there in this monts .
  • Travellers can travel through Jeef safaris, Elephant safaris, and even Boat safari to.
  • Jeef Safari Time –  0800Am – 1000 am in morning
  • in afternoon – 0200 Pm – 0400 Pm.
  • Visitors should Go to Shilong big city near this Park around 230Km. and Guwahati  around 160 km.

This National Park is the must visit destination for anyone who interested in india’s beauty of nature and animals.

2.Ranthambore National Park

Best national park - Ranthambore ( Tiger view)
Best national park – Ranthambore ( Tiger view)
  • Address:-Sawai madhopur District, Rajastan, India.
  • Contact number :-+91-9212777225. ( what’s up only )
  • Official website::-  Visit
  • Nearest international airport:-

The Ranthambore National Park is located in Rajasthan. This Park is Famous for  gorgeous Tigers and the ancient Ranthambore Fort .

Some Important Points

  • 1955 initially this park established as sawai madhopur game sanctuary.
  • 1973 this park declared as Tigers Reserve of India.
  • 1 Nov 1980 this project declared as National Park of india.
  • This park surrounded south by Chambal River and North by Banas River.

Important Point for Visitors

 Ranthambore fort
Ranthambore fort
  • Trinetra Ganesh temple locate inside Ranthambore Fort . This temple is good attraction to visitors.
  • Do not forget to visit …. 1. from Ranthambhore Fort, an excellent view of Ranthambore National Park. 2. Padam Talao.     3. Aravali Range , kachida valley        4. Raj bagh ruins
  • Jungle Safari is available for twice a day . Close on Wednesday .
  • This National park is open October to June.

Ranthambore National Park is an example for successful tiger conservation and offers a rare chance to see the country’s top predators in their native habitat against the backdrop of a ancient fort.

3. Jim Corbett National Park

Best national park - Jim Corbett National Park
Best national park – Jim Corbett National Park
  • Address :- Nainital District Of Uttarakhand
  • Contact number :- +91-8826678883
  • Official website :- visit
  • Nearest international airport:- Delhi 290 km
  • Nearest international Railway station:- Ramnagar

Jim Corbett National Park is the First national park of india. It established in 1936 initial name of the National park is Hailey National park.in 1956 change his name to Jim Corbett National park.

Some Important Point

  • Jim Corbett is the naturalist and environmentalist at this time .
  • Largest tiger reserve in india none other than Jim Corbett National park.Tiger project launch in 1973.

Important Point for Visitors

Elephant safari in Jim Corbett National Park
Elephant safari in Jim Corbett National Park
  • In this National Park some places allows to stay overnight .
  • This park is divide into 06 zones.
  • Jeep Safari morning timing 0630-0930.  And evening 0230-0530.
  • Lots of restaurants and hotels available in this National park .
  • Main attraction in this National park is not only wild animals and Bird but also Corbett waterfall, Corbett museum, sitabani forest,sonanadi wildlife sanctuary, Garjiya Devi temple Also.

4. Sanjay Gandi National Park

  • Address :- Boriwali, Maharashtra.
  • Contact number :-
  • Official website :- visit
  • Nearest international airport:- CSMT
  • Nearest international Railway station:- Boriwali

Some important Point 

  • In old times this park name Krishnagiri national park in 1969 change its name to Sanjay Gandi National park.
  • Asias most visited park tags goes to Sanjay Gandi National park .
  • The area of this park is 103 sq km consist 20% of Mumbai geographical area .
  • This park consist of 300++ species of Bird . 50 species of mammals ,150 species of reptiles and 300 species of butterfly.

Important Point for Visitors

Jungle camp in Sanjay Gandhi national park
Jungle camp in Sanjay Gandhi national park
  • This park is close on Monday every week . Other days we can visit morning 7.30 am to evening 6.30 pm.
  • In this park we can also visit following things :-
  • Kanheri caves     only 5rs entry
  • Unknown waterfall
  • Cycling in this park
  • Safari Ride
  • Own Campaign
  • Boating
  • Min train
  • Visiters can visit July to mid October is the best time to visit .

5. Periyar National Park kerla

Periyar National Park
Periyar National Park
  • Address :- Thekkady , kerla , india .
  • Contact number :-+91 8547 603 066
  • Official websitevisit
  • Nearest international airport:- Cochin international airport
  • Nearest international Railway station:- Kottayam railway station .

Some important Point

  • In 1950 periyar park consider as a wildlife sanctuary. In 1982 it is declared as periyar National park.
  • 1978 it is declare as Tiger reserve.
  • In 1991 it is declared as elephants reserve. Now only periyar National park is Elephants as well as Tiger reserves.
  • This park is surrounded between cardamom hills and pandalam hills. Share the border with Tamilnadu.
  • Tropical evergreen, semi-evergreen, and moist deciduous forests made up the Periyar Tiger Reserve. The Periyar sanctuary is host to 150 species of butterflies, 270species of birds, 39 species of reptiles, 8 species of amphibians, 69 species of mammals, and 39 species of fish.

Important Point for Visitors

Elephants safari in periyar park
Elephants safari in periyar park
  • In this park we can also visit following things :-
  • Nature walk ( short day Trek)
  • Bamboo Rafting (full day)
  • Bamboo Rafting (Half Day)
  • Periyar Tiger trials (Two nights)
  • Border Hiking –
    (Full Day Hard Trekking)
  • Jungle Scouts
  • Pugmark Trails
  • In this park we can see lots of watch tower .
  • Tribal art performance
  • Boating at periyar lake
  • Jungle camp

6.Hemis National Park

Snow leopard
Snow leopard
  • Address :- Ladakh , Jammu kashmir, India .
  • Contact number :-094192 12451
  • Official website– visit
  • Nearest international airport:- Leh Airport
  • Nearest international Railway station:- jammu

Some important point 

  • This national park is the highest altitude (height)) in the world.and largest in india.
  • This National park established in 1981.
  • Main attraction is Snow leopards.
  • High altitude animals like Bharal(Bleu sheep).shapu (Ladakhi Urial), Himalayan Marmot,Himalayan Mouse, Red fox also survive here.

Important Point for Visitors

  • In this park we can also visit following things :-
  • Hemis Monastery
  • Take The Trek To Gotgang Gumpa
  • Watching bird ( Birding)
  • Go For The Hemis National Park Safari.
  • Best time to visit this park is between May to October.


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