Best Cow Breed in India 2023

In this article we discuss about best cow breed in india . There are many types of cows in India, each one  is unique. They are significant to India’s history and way of life and dwell in many locations, such as hills and plains. Learn about some of the common breeds of cows in India and their significance.

1. Indian Gir Cow / cattle 

Cow breed in india ...Gir Cow
Cow breed in india …Gir Cow


HEIGHT 1.4 Metre
WEIGHT400-475 KG
LIFE EXPECTANCY15 - 25 years
Country of OriginIndia ( Gujarat)
OTHER NAMESGir Cattle,Desan/ Gujarati/ Sorthi/ Kathiawari/ Surati
Prices in various countries 60000- 80000 RS in INDIA

5000 - 1000 US Doller in Brazil and USA
Cattle type Desi
Milk TypeA2 Milk
Average Milk Yield1200-1800 kg per lactation
Milk (Liters) per day 15-18 Liters per day
Gestation periodAbout 285 days
Used for Dairy Purpose

History in india:-

The Gir cow, which received its name from Gujarat’s Gir jungle, is absolutely unusual. It is simple to identify thanks to its unusual appearance, which includes large ears and a pronounced hump on its back. This cow is the ideal illustration of how animals gradually adjust to their surroundings.The Gir cow is the best Indian cow breed.

About Milk:-

The Gir cow is amazing because it can produce a ton of milk, and the milk is also of excellent quality. It has a lot of A2 protein, which some people believe to be healthier. As a result, dairy farmers and customers who value quality milk select the Gir cow.However, it’s not just about the milk. In the world of cows, the Gir cow is  a superstar. It is strong and capable of withstanding Gujarat’s hot and muggy weather. Farmers adore it because it can tolerate the effects of the weather and is extremely resilient to diseases.

Gir cow explain
Gir cow explain

This breed represents agricultural and cultural legacy and is more than just a source of milk. Gujarat’s economy heavily relies on the Gir cow, which some people even revere. Its existence exemplifies the elegance of natural adaptation and the peaceful coexistence of people and animals.

The Gir cow is original to the Gir forest region of Gujarat, India, but because to its popularity and special characteristics, it is also found in other parts of the world. Gir cows can be found in places like Brazil, the US, Mexico, and certain African countries.

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2.Jersey Cow / cattle

Cow breed in india ( Jersey Cow)
Cow breed in india
( Jersey Cow)

General information 

HEIGHT 62 inches
WEIGHT600-700 KG
Country of OriginJersey (UK)
OTHER NAMESAlderney cattle/Jersey
Prices in various countries 75000 - 1L RS in INDIA
Cattle type Desi
Milk TypeA2 Milk
Milk (Liters) per day 20-30Liters per day
Gestation periodAbout 285 days
Used for Dairy Purpose


Due to its high milk-fat content, the Jersey cow, which is native to the British Channel Island of Jersey, has gained popularity in India. It has been successfully raised in India while not being a native species, and breeders value it for its flexibility, compact size, and effective feed conversion.

Impact on Indian market:-

Although not being a native of India, the Jersey cow has had a huge impact on the nation’s dairy industry. This breed, which has its roots in the British Channel Island of Jersey, has settled happily around the world, including India.

The unique feature of the Jersey cow’s milk, which is high in protein and butterfat, sets it apart from other breeds. Because of how creamy it is, this milk is highly regarded and works especially well for manufacturing dairy products like butter and cheese. Due to the increased concentration of the natural pigment beta-carotene in the milk from Jersey cows, it has a distinctive golden tint.

The size of the Jersey cow is one of its unique features when compared to other dairy breeds. Because of this, it is ideal for farms with little land for grazing. Despite its smaller size, the Jersey cow is a reliable milk provider that frequently produces milk with a higher fat percentage than other breeds.

The breed is favored by farmers who want to produce the most milk possible from their available resources because of its adaptability and efficiency in turning grain into milk. The gentle nature and ease of handling of the Jersey cow further enhance its attractiveness, making it a good option for both large- and small-scale producers.

The history of the Jersey cow is proof that a breed may move beyond its geographical boundaries and become a crucial component of a brand-new agricultural environment. The flexible Jersey cow continues to be an invaluable tool for those seeking effective milk production and high-quality dairy products as India continues to modernize its dairy industry and investigate cutting-edge agricultural techniques.

Jersey cow available in

  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Australia and New Zealand
  • India
  • Aafrican countries
  • Canada
  • European Countries


3.Red sindhi cow

Cow breed in india (Red Sindhi)
Cow breed in india
(Red Sindhi)


General information ..

HEIGHT 132 cm
WEIGHT530-550 Kg
Country of OriginPakistan
OTHER NAMES Mali,Red Karach and Sindh
Prices in various countries 60000- 80000 RS in INDIA
Cattle type Desi
Milk TypeA2 Milk
Milk (Liters) per day 12 - 15 Liters per day
Gestation periodAbout 285 days
Used for Dairy Purpose


The Red Sindhi cow, originally from the Sindh region (now a part of Pakistan), is well-known in India and other countries. Due to its unique characteristics and exceptional endurance, this breed is a useful asset in a variety of agricultural settings.


The Red Sindhi cow has developed over many generations to grow in difficult circumstances and is renowned for its ability to adapt to hot and desert areas. Farmers in areas where such conditions are common appreciate it because of its resistance to heat and resource scarcity.

The Red Sindhi is named for its brilliant reddish-brown coat, which is one of its distinctive characteristics. Despite being smaller than some other breeds, the Red Sindhi cow is renowned for producing a lot of milk. Its milk is renowned for having a composition that is well-balanced in terms of fat and protein.

impact on market

The Red Sindhi cow has cultural significance in addition to its benefits to the dairy sector. It is praised for its capacity to survive in difficult conditions while still being able and durable. Its existence highlights the mutually beneficial interaction between people and animals, particularly in areas where agriculture is integral to daily life.

Available in countries 

  • India
  • Bangadesh
  • Pakistan
  • Other Tropical Countries


4. Rathi cow

Cow breed in india( Rathi Cow)
Cow breed in india
( Rathi Cow)

General information :-

Country of OriginIndia ( Rajasthan)
Cattle type Desi
Used for milking and draught prowess.
Gestation periodAbout 285 days
Milk TypeA2 Milk
Prices in various countries 45000-60000 RS in INDIA
WEIGHT280-300 Kg
HEIGHT 125-139 cm
Milk (Liters) per day 15-18 Liters per day


Origin and history..

The Rathi cow, which is native to Rajasthan’s desert region in India, is a living example of how nature can produce cattle breeds that are tough and adaptable. Farmers in arid and semi-arid areas greatly value the Rathi cow because of its durability, strength, and wide range of uses.


The Rathi cow has a distinctive hump, a compact body, and a reddish-brown coat that helps it fit in with the desert environment. Its genetic make-up reflects centuries of climatic adaption to the unique difficulties Rajasthan presents.

The flexibility of Rathi cows in agricultural operations is well known. They are well suited for draught work, helping farmers with field plows and other labor-intensive tasks thanks to their strength and durable construction. The Rathi cow’s dual function as a milk producer and worker shows how economically significant it is to rural livelihoods.

Impact on market…

Rathi cows are prized for their milk output in addition to their physical power. The milk they produce is full of nutrients and has a distinctive flavor, even if it may not have a large milk yield compared to some specialist dairy breeds. This makes it a crucial source of nutrients for the neighborhood. 

The Rathi cow continues to be a crucial component of rural India’s heritage even as its agricultural environment changes. It exemplifies the wisdom of conventional farming methods, which place a high importance on qualities like toughness, adaptability, and versatility. The Rathi cow plays an important role as a dependable partner in the lives of farmers in Rajasthan and elsewhere due to its capacity to contribute to both agricultural work and milk production.

  • Available in countries — not Outside India .

5.Sahiwal cattle

Best Cow Breed in India(Sahiwal cattle)
Best Cow Breed in India
(Sahiwal cattle)

General information

Country of OriginPakistan/ India (Punjab)
OTHER NAMESLambi Bar, Lola, Montgomery, Multani and Teli
Cattle type Desi
Used for milking and draught prowess also work in farm
Gestation periodAbout 285 days
Milk TypeA2 Milk
Prices in various countries 60000-75000 RS in INDIA
WEIGHT400-500 Kg
HEIGHT 125-130 cm
Milk (Liters) per day 15-18 Liters per day

Origin and history:-

One-of-a-kind Sahiwal cattle originate from the Punjab region of India. They are unique because of their strength and capacity to live comfortably in hot, humid conditions. These cows have successfully adapted to the challenging climatic conditions of North India.

Having a lot of milk that is extremely nutritious for humans is one of the best things about Sahiwal cows. It contains healthy ingredients that our bodies require. Sahiwal cows are popular because they can assist with farm work in addition to producing milk, which is why people choose to keep them on their farms. They can pull heavy objects like plows since they are strong.


You’ll notice a Sahiwal cow’s large back hump and its shiny coat when you look at one. These cows have an unique look that makes them stand out in addition to being functional. They are friendly and can develop close friendships with those who look after them on the farm.

Sahiwal cow used for:-

In North India, Sahiwal cattle are significant agriculture animals. They give us milk, assist with work, and demonstrate the fascinating ways that farming and nature can co exist.


cows are a highly significant animal in India. They provide milk for us and assist farmers in their work. Gir, Jersey, and Sahiwal cows, for example, each have unique characteristics that make them beneficial in different contexts. These cows have a long history in Indian history and culture. They demonstrate to us how nature and people may cooperate to enhance our quality of life. More than just animals, cows are farmers’ buddies who give us useful products like milk. Therefore, we ought to look after them and be grateful for what they do for us.


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