Are Wombats Dangerous

Wombats are adorable Australian  animals. They walk very fast and have fat bodies and small eyes. The important question, still, is “Are wombats dangerous?” In this articles we discuss the the real story and clear the common misunderstanding about this animal.

Are Wombats Dengerous

Are Wombats Dengerous
Are Wombats Dengerous

Step by step we clear this Question

Information about Wombats

Wombats are very similar to kangaroos. They eats a plant and most of wombats live in Australia . In the world there are three types of wombats :-

  1. The Common Wombats :- They found in South-eastern Australia and Tasmania.
  2. southern hairy nose wombats:- They are only found in South Australia.
  3. The Northern hairy nose wombats:- They are rarest and only found in Queensland , Australia.

Here is the some important point about them

How big are Wombats

Wombats are different size depending on the difference species :-

  • Common wombats :- 30 inches Tall . Weight upto 36 – 40 kg .
  • The southern hairy nose wombats:- They are slightly smaller than common wombats around 28 inches tall . Weight upto 26-30 kg.
  • The Northern hairy nose wombats:-  Height upto 22-25 inches tall . Weight upto 20 kg.

How long wombats live

  • Common wombats :- They live upto 20 years maximum depending upon there health condition.
  • The southern hairy nose wombats:- There lifespan. Upto 18 years maximum.
  • The Northern hairy nose wombats:- The lifespan of these wombats is short. They can survive only upto 10 to 12 years .

How Wombats Look Like

  • Wombats are able to dig and eat with their powerful claws and pointed teeth.
  • With their sharp body, they can dig and stay safe .

How Wombats Acts

  • In night or Darkness wombats are coming out from their home .
  • Wombats usually live alone, they don’t interact with other animals and people.

 fact about Wombats

  • Wombats are sleeps a 15-16 hours in a day.
  • Wombats can walk , run 3-4 km in day.
  • Wombats are friendly animal.When they scare , they might make loud noises or show they are upset or in trouble. But they trying to stay safe not to hurt anymore . Hence here wombats not dengerous
  • Wombats attack on people are very rare cases . When someone bother or corner a wombats it’s try to defend himself . Not attack first.hence wombats not dengerous.
  • Like other wild animals wombats is carry a disease. But it’s chance is very less . Hence wombats not a dengerous.
  • To be safe you should always good hygiene and take safe distance from Wombats.
  • Maximum speed of Wombats is about 40km/h.
  • The Northern hairy nose wombats is the one of the rarest mammal in the world .

Safety advice for humans 

Bitten by wombats
Bitten by wombats

Wombats are wild animal but  very kind animal and supportive towards other animal. But some safety tips we always follows :-

  • Make safe distance from wombats. Don’t close to them.
  • Don’t give them food . Because wombats are wild animal and he is able to find there food.
  • Don’t try to touch them.

Above advice not only for wombats but also other wild animals also.

Wombats are pet Animal

Not, wombats is not a pet animal. In Australia they are  wild animals. If we keep them as pet animal is a illegal and a good for them .

But we can found wombats in some zoo. To provide a knowledge of these animals to people.

If wombats Bite

If wombats bite to any people or any other animals then wombats just  Hurt you , but they don’t cause Death.

But always be alert when wombats or any other animals bite because in rare cases we cause of Death.

The following steps we should if someone bitten by wombats 

  • Stay calm :- First thing is , Always stay calm if wombats or any other animals bits you.
  • Clean the injury :-wash the hand or the body part of they bite with Dettol for 3..4 min.
  • Clean with antiseptic:-  Apply the antiseptic like iodine or hydrogen peroxide for prevent of infection.
  • control Bleeding :- If the injury of bite is Bleeding then use a clean cotton cloth to stop bleeding.
  • Immediately medical Help:- if wombats bite then take help from Doctor as soon as possible . And follow the medical advice.

Do wombats pop squares

Yes, because of their slow digestion,(usually takes 14-17 days) wombats do produce square poop. Due of its square shape, which prevents it from rolling away like round waste, they can mark their territory. It’s a distinct and interesting characteristic of wombats.

Are Wombats are dengerous or not

Not, wombats are not dengerous.They are gentle animal . They don’t threat to people or othe animals.

At the end wombats are not pet animal he is wild animal.They are important in Australia and help in environment balance.

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