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In this article,we discuss about most popular Indian Cat Breeds .

India, a country with a rich cultural history and diverse fauna, is home to majestic tigers, gorgeous peacocks, and a rare variety of native cat breeds. Even though these exquisite cats have been human companions for millennia, other well-known breeds frequently eclipse them in terms of popularity. In this post, we set out on a quest to investigate the appeal, background, and distinctive traits of 15 Indian cat breeds, each of which has a fascinating story to share.


1.Bengal kitty

Indian cat Breeds ..Bengal cat..
Indian cat Breeds ..
Bengal cat..
  • HEIGHT ✓ 08-10 inch
  • WEIGHT✓08-15 pounds
  • Life span ✓09-15 years
  • Colour.     ✓ Chocolate / brown / sable, lavender / silver
  • Prices     ✓25k – 35 k in India

Bengal cats, one of the most popular cat fauna in India, are renowned for their breathtaking beauty. Bengal cats have a spotted or marbled coat similar to their distant parent, the Asian leopard cat, giving them a wild and exotic appearance. They are wonderful family companions because they are sharp, funny, and energetic.

Background and History

The Bengal cat’s origins date back to the 1960s, when cat enthusiast Jean Mill set out to develop a breed that resembled the Asian leopard cat, which is renowned for its stunningly exquisite coat pattern. To keep the captivating rosette spots and develop a calm and social nature, Mill crossed domestic cats with Asian leopard cats. Her work helped create the Bengal cat that we love and appreciate today.

Personality and Temperament

Bengal cats are sociable, affectionate, and quite intelligent despite their unusual appearance. They like engaging in interactive play with their human companions and develop close ties with them. Bengal cats frequently exhibit interest with water, which is fairly uncommon among household cats. Some might even take pleasure in splashing water from their bowls, playing in sinks, or going for a bath with their owners.

Because of their high intellect, they pick things up quickly and are simple to train in tricks and orders. Bengal cats are lively and playful animals, which makes them ideal for households with active people or those who can provide them with exciting activities.


2.Siamese Cat

Indian cat Breeds.. Siamese cat

Indian cat Breeds..
Siamese cat

  • HEIGHT✓ 08-10 inches
  • WEIGHT✓ 06-15 pounds
  • life span ✓15-20 years
  • Colour.   ✓ black / ebony, blue / gray, chocolate / brown / sable, cinnamon, cream / beige / tan, fawn, lavender / silver, lilac, white
  • Prices    ✓ 15k – 25 k in India

The Siamese cat, which has its origins in Thailand, is a vocal and sociable breed distinguished by its stunning blue eyes with an almond shape and its color-point coat pattern. They are well renowned for being extroverted, smart, and enjoying the limelight.


The unique Siamese cat, believed to be sacred temple cats in ancient Thailand, gained popularity in the Western world in the late 19th century. Introduced to British diplomats, their captivating personality and appearance gained popularity in Europe and North America.

Personality and Temperament

Siamese cats are renowned for being outgoing and loving. Due to their propensity to stick close to their owners, they commonly go by the nickname “Velcro cats” and develop strong relationships with their human families. They make the perfect choice for families or individuals looking for a loyal feline friend because they thrive on company and like being the focus of attention.

3.Himalayan Cat

Indian cat Breeds..Himalaya cat
Indian cat Breeds..
Himalaya cat
  • HEIGHT   ✓  08-10 inches
  • WEIGHT ✓  08-13 pounds
  • life span✓ 09-15 years
  • Colour.   ✓Fawn Blue,White,Cream
  • Prices.  ✓  10 k – 25 k in India

The Persian and Siamese cat breeds were crossed to create the Himalayan cat, which has the greatest qualities of both. These cats are calm and kind, and they have gorgeous long fur and captivating blue eyes.

Background and History

The Siamese cat’s magnificent look and the Persian cat’s calm temperament were the inspirations for the evolution of the Himalayan cat in the middle of the 20th century. The Himalayan is essentially a hybrid between these two breeds, giving rise to a cat that shares the Siamese’s color-point pattern, blue eyes, and distinct facial traits while also gaining the Persian’s opulent long coat and mellow temperament.

Distinguishing Features

The Himalayan cat’s color-point coat pattern is its most remarkable characteristic. The points, which include the ears, face, paws, and tail, are deeper in color than the rest of the body, much like the Siamese. Himalayan cats typically have lighter coat colors, varying in hues like cream, white, or lilac. The points’ beautiful appearance is enhanced by the contrast between their body and points, which creates a stunning visual impression.Another attractive feature of them is their huge, expressive blue eyes, which are sometimes described as deep sapphire lakes that shine with warmth and affection. The Himalayan cat is a real head-turner thanks to its unique coat pattern and gorgeous eyes.


4.Bombay Cat

Indian cat Breeds..Bombay cat
Indian cat Breeds..
Bombay cat
  • HEIGHT.✓ 08-10 inches
  • WEIGHT✓08-16 pounds
  • life span✓12 – 20years
  • Colour.   ✓Jet-black,black
  • Prices.   ✓10 k – 25 k in India

The busy city of Mumbai (formerly Bombay) inspired the name of the cat, which was deliberately bred to resemble a small panther. These energetic, friendly black-coated cats develop close relationships with their human friends.

Background and History

The development of the Bombay cat began in the 1950s when Nikki Horner, a committed cat breeder, set out to produce a domestic cat that resembled the slim and beautiful black panther of India. She successfully created a breed with the required black coat and golden eyes by selecting crossing American Shorthair cats with Burmese cats. The bustling city of Bombay (now Mumbai), which is where the majestic black leopards of India live, served as the model for the name “Bombay,” which was given to the breed.

Distinguishing Features

The Bombay cat’s jet-black coat, which should be short, silky, and glossy, is its most distinctive trait. There are no colors or structures on the dense, silky black fur. A distinguishing feature of the species, their all-black look attests to how much they resemble small panthers.

Another alluring feature of the Bombay cat are its eyes. They ought to be big, rounded, and have a beautiful gold or copper color. Their beauty and allure are further enhanced by their expressive eyes, which are frequently regarded as captivating and enticing.


5. Munchkin cat

Indian cat Breeds.. munchkin cat
Indian cat Breeds..
munchkin cat
  • HEIGHT✓08-10 inches
  • WEIGHT✓07-12 pounds
  • life span✓12 – 15 years
  • Colour.   ✓Multiple colours
  • Prices.   ✓10 k – 28k

The Munchkin cat, a fun and nimble breed originally from the United States but with a sizable population in India, is distinguished by their tiny legs, which are caused by a genetic abnormality. Many cat aficionados fall in love with them because of their distinctive appearance.


6. Indian shorthair Cat

Indian cat Breeds..Indian shorthair Cat
Indian cat Breeds..
Indian shorthair Cat
  • HEIGHT✓08-10 inches
  • WEIGHT✓07-12 pounds
  • life span✓12 – 15 years
  • Colour.  ✓Multiple colours
  • Prices.  ✓10 k – 28k

The Indian Shorthair cat is a short-haired breed that is indigenous to India, as its name suggests. They come in a variety of hues and designs and are renowned for being self-sufficient and low-maintenance.

Background and History

The Indian Shorthair cat’s history is not as well known as that of certain other breeds. For many years, these cats have been a part of the native feline population in many parts of India. They are thought to have descended from neighborhood domestic cats that, over many generations, adapted to the conditions in India.

Distinguishing Features

The Indian Shorthair cat is renowned for its uncomplicated and plain beauty. Their short, sleek coat, which requires less grooming than breeds with long hair, is their most distinguishing characteristic. The breed can have a wide range of colors and patterns in their coats, including tabby, solid, bi-color, and calico.

Another endearing quality is the expression in their eyes. Depending on the color of the coat, they can be found in a variety of hues, such as green, gold, or copper.


7.Kashmiri Cat

Indian cat Breeds..Kashmiri Cat
Indian cat Breeds..
Kashmiri Cat
  • HEIGHT✓08-10 inches
  • WEIGHT✓07-12 pounds
  • life span✓12 – 15 years
  • Colour.   ✓solid chocolate or a solid lilac
  • Prices.  ✓05-12k in india

The long-haired Kashmiri cat, often called the Kashmir cat, is a breed that was developed in the scenic valleys of Kashmir, India. They have a unique place in many homes thanks to their plush fur and amiable nature.

Origin and History:

The Kashmir cat is a long-established breed that is indigenous to Kashmir, a region in northern India’s Himalayan mountains. These cats have adapted to the hard mountainous environment and are thought to have been a local resident’s companion for many years.

Unique Features

The Kashmir cat is known for its long, plush coat, which acts as insulation against the region’s chilly climate. Their fur is frequently compared to the treasured Pashmina wool of Kashmir’s famous shawls in terms of being soft, silky, and flowing. With color variations matching those of other longhaired breeds like the Persian or Himalayan, the coat comes in a wide range of hues and patterns.

Depending on the coat color, their wide, expressive eyes, which are frequently almond-shaped and come in colors of copper, gold, or blue, are another unique characteristic.

8. Persian cat

Indian cat Breeds.. Persian cat
Indian cat Breeds..
Persian cat
  • HEIGHT✓08-10 inches
  • WEIGHT✓07-12 pounds
  • life span✓12 – 15 years
  • Colour.   ✓White
  • Prices.    ✓08k – 15 k in india

Like in many other countries throughout the world, the Persian cat is a well-known and popular breed in India. Many cat lovers and families around the nation have made room in their hearts and homes for these lovely and loving felines.

History and Origin:

While the real origins of the Persian cat are unknown, it is generally accepted that they originated in Persia (modern-day Iran) or its surrounding areas. In the 1600s, this breed was brought to Europe, where nobles and royalty took a liking to it. The Persian cat’s personality and beauty have been improved via selective breeding over the ages, making it one of the most sought-after breeds worldwide.

Unique features

The Persian cat has become a well-known and iconic breed all over the world thanks to its distinctive characteristics, which include

its long, silky fur, flat face, and kind attitude. Persian cats continue to be cherished companions for cat lovers all over the world thanks to their regal appearance and affectionate attitude.affectionate attitude.


it’s critical to take the climate and environmental elements into account while selecting a cat breed in India. The breeds listed in this article are widely known for their ability to adapt to Indian weather and make excellent companions.

There is a breed of cat out there that will fit your lifestyle and interests, whether you’re looking for a playful Bengal cat or a friendly Himalayan cat. Always conduct thorough study and speak with respectable breeders or animal shelters before making a choice. If you’re prepared to welcome a pet into your home, start looking into these cat breeds right away!

















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